Vastu Guidelines For Staircases Architecture Ideas

vastu guidelines for staircases architecture ideas this post was about the vastu guidelines for the design of staircase the staircase leads to the next floors namely the basement and upper floors and the terrace where the overhead water tanks are located, heres a summary of the vastu guidelines for location of the main door in east facing houses the 5 th pada green one is the most auspicious one to locate a main door for east facing home its the location of sun the god of fame and blesses the residents with a lot of name fame and respect in the society, vastu guidelines for west facing house an architect explains the housesite orientation is identified by the direction of the road when you stand in the site and face the road the direction you face is said to be the housesite orientation so if you face west then it is a west facing house, vastu guidelines for a positive home an architect explains there is constant interaction between man and the surrounding natural elements like the sun wind air water earths magnetic field and the cardinal directions if man is able to derive from the beneficial positive effects of these elements then he will be healthy fit and happy

Home Design As Per Vastu Shastra Stairs Vastu Martine Ouellet

vastu general guidelines imbalance due to having the staircase right before entrance can be offset by clever camouflaging of the front of the staircase with indoor plants light or heavy depending on the zone south east or west they are in staircases facilitate energy movements, staircase vastu tips you must follow in vastu shastra staircases are given very high importance it is said believed and even validated that a staircase which does not comply with rules and regulations of vastu shastra leads to frequent in many cases major accidents loss of wealth and mental tension

a transitional design goes with the majority of home architectural styles the appearance is a hybrid of modernday and standard best for updating older home designs like colonial or victorian or heating up a newconstruction home vastu tips for garage of the house and garage vastu shastra the garage should be in the northwest zone of the house, vastu direction for the staircase vastu shastra being a science of architecture comes up with certain points for the construction of staircase it is said that if there is any evil or negativity in the house it stays on the staircase and make the members suffer from problems constructing staircase according to the guidelines stated in vastu, vastu shastra for staircase vastu compliant staircase is extremely essential for peaceful living many builders tend to focus specifically on the staircase as this has a big impact on flow of money health comfort etc, having a staircase in the north east is considered highly inauspicious according to vastu guidelines it causes major health problems and even leads to causing fatal diseases brain hemorrhage and heart strokes to the residents of such a house