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what is a yacht a yacht jɒt is a watercraft used for pleasure or sports the term originates from the dutch word jacht hunt and was originally defined as a light fast sailing vessel used by the dutch navy to pursue pirates and other transgressors around and into the shallow waters of the low countries, since we can no longer determine yacht status by propulsion type we turn to size and by association value obviously the bigger and more expensive a boat is the better her chances of being considered a yacht anything over 40 feet long almost always qualifies, see more synonyms for yacht on noun a vessel used for private cruising racing or other noncommercial purposes, of course yacht racing is an organized pastime a function of social idleness ministering to the vanity of certain wealthy inhabitants of these isles nearly as much as to their inborn love of the sea

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youre delivered to the island from jakarta aboard the raden mas a 60foot motor sailing yacht gabriele steinhauser wsj fantasized about being a castaway check out this island holiday 18 dec 2018 odds are someone within earshot is hatching a plan to buy mansions and yachts as long as a city block, yacht definition 1 a boat with sails and sometimes an engine used for either racing or travelling on for pleasure 2 a large and usually expensive boat used for racing or for traveling around for pleasure learn more

any of various relatively small streamlined sailing or motordriven vessels used for pleasure cruises or racing probably obsolete norwegian from middle low german short for jachtschip to chase from old high german ship american heritage dictionary of the english language fifth edition, full answer a yacht is usually larger than 30 feet but if it is luxurious enough even a small boat can be referred to as a yacht a ship is a watercraft over 197 feet long that can also be used for pleasure commercial or residential purposes therefore a yacht can be either a boat or a ship depending on its length, regardless of the primary means of propulsion the term yacht does not seem enough for the very large vessels therefore it is customary to use the term mega yacht for vessels over 100 feet 34 meters and super yacht for vessels over 200 feet 70 meters anyhow the aforesaid delimiter intervals are not absolute, a boat can be used for recreation or pleasure but is generally smaller than either a ship or a yacht and with fewer amenities boats tend to be powered either by small engines or elbowgrease again think rowboat