Why Are Kitchenaid Mixers So Expensive In Uk

why are kitchenaid mixers so expensive in uk

My Loyal KitchenAid Gone But Not Forgotten

glad to help im not saying kitchenaids are bad theyre not theyre pretty awesome theyre just expensive and telling people theyre wasting your money on anything but a kitchenaid is a hyperbole there are other decent stand mixers available at other prices, why buy a kitchenaid stand mixer here at lakeland were big believers in making sure that our customers buy the right product for them so before you go ahead and commit your hardearned cash to purchasing a kitchenaid artisan stand mixer we thought it might help to understand a bit more about whats behind the kitchenaid brand


if you really want to use your machine for pastamaking for instance the kitchenaid is an excellent choice with its separate pasta press attachment on the other hand if your primary focus is bread you might want to consider the viking mixer which is supposedly more powerful and bettersuited to kneading bread, stand mixers generally have a seriously powerful motor in them which would be too big and heavy to mount in a handheld beater being fixed relative to the bowl lets you make use of all that torque imagine trying to use a handheld dough hook the hardware for all of it is pretty serious, kitchenaid mixers can be equipped with a variety of attachments which vastly expand its capabilities and utility granted they can be expensive so unless youre going to use them regularly they may not be worth the price if youre going to use them regularly omg the time and effort saved is incredible