Why Kitchenaid Mixer So Expensive

why kitchenaid mixer so expensive many people buy stand mixers this time of year it is christmas after all so here are a few tips and questions for those of you picking out a stand mixer whether youre buying the ubiquitous kitchenaid or another brand of stand mixer run through these questions and tips as you go about your mixer shopping, stand mixers generally have a seriously powerful motor in them which would be too big and heavy to mount in a handheld beater being fixed relative to the bowl lets you make use of all that torque imagine trying to use a handheld dough hook the hardware for all of it is pretty serious, so one of the other reasons why stand mixers can be expensive is that you are buying into this brand history and pedigree you can never put too high a price on trust or peer recommendation from the broader baking community so do your own research before you invest

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kitchenaids can get really expensive but its not worth paying for one that cant knead dough though this is a problem many stand mixers face after making bread once in my mixer the top began shaking even when i had locked it in place and the machine got so hot i almost got heat stroke, theyre just expensive and telling people theyre wasting your money on anything but a kitchenaid is a hyperbole there are other decent stand mixers available at other prices i only have a kitchenaid grinder attachment i got at an estate sale for cheap so i know that works with the kenmore but, but it is kitchenaid that received the gold award out of all the competing mixers even though it cost 124 more than the next most expensive brand cuisinart this shows that quality and value of a versatile dependable machine wins the day over a low price

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the price for stand mixers actually varies quite a bit and the first thing to remember is that they arent all terribly expensive you can buy a stand mixer for under 50 but you have to start questioning the quality when the price gets this low, the batters would climb up the beaters and it was a mess to clean the kitchenaid has 2 slow speeds and a different style beater which makes it much better also the reciprocating beating action makes it more efficient i did get the beater with the rubber fin so the bowl is scraped better at each rotation