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yacht crew salary

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the jobs listed are only a small selection of the yacht jobs we are currently working on we are a very personal agency we do not publish many of our active crew jobs as we prefer going through the details directly with you so it is really important that you check in with us twice a week so that we know you are still available, hundreds of live jobs on yachts and superyachts jobs for yacht crew in the mediterranean caribbean usa and other locations

there are currently over 15000 yachts in the world large enough to require professional qualified yacht crew and as a result this industry is growing rapidly each year a career in yachting can be rewarding exciting and a wonderful opportunity to travel the world and explore new horizons wherever there is water you have the potential to go, five tips for yacht job resumes get your resume read and chosen for a job after 30 years of reviewing resumes this is the basic formula that seems to have worked sucessfully for crew finding positions, candidates specific experience training certification and additional skills as well as a particular yachts needs this scale can be used as an example and guide to establishing appropriate salaries for experienced crew, view yacht crew salary report for 20162017 here we are often asked by captains working on their annual budget for salary information and likewise many candidates ask for advice on what their salary should be