Yacht Week Croatia

yacht week croatia

The Yacht Week Croatia 2016 Chardonnay And Maar

you might have heard of yacht week croatia you might be considering whether to go or not or you might have questions about your upcoming trip but whichever camp you fall into yacht week croatia is a hugely popular event and one you should certainly do some preparation for we are always asked , set sail on a yacht for an unforgettable experience this summer from croatia to greece youll spend days island hopping in some of the most beautiful countries in the world yacht week is a well

the yacht week croatia review by the numbers 30 number of nationalities represented at yacht weeksomewhat surprisingly there was nobody from russia the middle east not even israel or asia nevertheless the chance to cavort with and befriend people like you from around the world was definitely a highlight of the yacht week 5, why we chose sail week croatia over the yacht week itinerary and price the itinerary a lot of the companies we researched ahem the yacht week croatia looked extraordinarily spring breaky promising young 20somethings the perfect girl to guy ratio and europes hottest nightclubs they offer party weeks ultra week to the huge music fest and basically a week of binge drinking, or if youve been on the yacht week yourself id love to hear your thoughts as well update lots of people have asked me about the pricing details of a yacht week croatia trip so ive included a picture of the costs breakdown below short clarification my yacht had 8 sleeping spots 3 double rooms and two people in the saloon